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Friday, July 9, 2010

How to Treat and Prevent Vaginal Itching

Vaginal itching is usually caused by an STD or infection. However, if pregnant the most common reason for vaginal itching is the change in the vaginal PH level and can cause irritations.

How can it be treated?

Before you use any over the counter medications, you should check with you doctor and make sure you do not have any STD’s or infections that need a doctors attention. If the itching is due to the vaginal PH level, which is common during pregnancy, then you can try treatments at home like:

· You can lower the PH level by using Intimore™ Fresh-Sensitive with Aloe-Vera that calms sensitive irritated skin during pregnancy, after child birth, after swimming or any aerobic \ sports activity.

· Apply a cold compress

· Use Intimore’s Soothing application Gel that is used to calm itching and irritated skin. The soothing Gel is enriched with a high concentration of natural soothing plant extracts such as Aloe Barbadensis Leaf extract, Allantoin, Echinacea Angustifolia, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Comfrey Extract, Propolis Extract, Witch Hazel Extract and Matricaria Extract (Chamomile).

Just remember: The use of this Gel is not a replacement for medical treatment.

How you can Prevent Vaginal Itching

· Stay clean and dry

· Wear loose fitting clothing

· Wipe from front to back to prevent any unwanted bacteria from entering the vaginal area

· Refrain from using any scented products such as bubble bath or detergents for they will only irritate the vagina more.


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